8 1/2" Flex-Hones Aluminum Oxide (216mm) - Commercial Grade

GBD Flex-Hone 5 Plus



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8 1/2" commercial grade Flex-Hones Aluminum Oxide. Nikasil Applications Hones are made with a softer material, Aluminum Oxide. These special hones are required for todays coated aluminum cylinders. These aluminum oxide hones are recommended for nikasil and chrome coated cylinder bores.

  • Works with bores of 8.650" to 8.100" Effectively
  • Tool is self centering, self aligning
  • Tool comes in 2 parts, head and a shaft. The shaft is an iron rod 33" long that is 1/2" hex shape.
  • Tool comes with a 33" long removable shaft that threads onto the tool

If you cannot find the size and grit desired email us and we can order the hone(s) for you.