12-1/2" Flex-Hones (318mm) - Commercial Grade

GBD Wood Core Flex-Hone



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12-1/2" Flex-Hones for large diameter cylinders. These hones are silicon carbide which is perfect for steel/iron applications. Grits of 120, 180, 240, 320, 400 available. 80 and 600 grits available special order.

  • The GBD Series Flex-Hone tool is designed for 12-1/2" diameter
  • 34" Long Steel Shaft driveshaft - included in sale
  • Heavy-duty Flex-Hones are commonly used for block cylinders or liners, stationary diesel, oil and gas pipes, marine engine and many other applications
  • The heavy duty tool is recommended for large diameter or high production applications
  • Sizes/Grits not listed we can order, contact us for drop ship availability