OHV OHC CVH Valve Spring Compressor Keeper Seal on Engine Remove Install Tool

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Overhead Valve Spring Remover Compressor
On Engine Seal and Keeper Replace Tool
Engine Valve Spring Compressor
Works with heads still in engine

* Tool is perfect for removing valves springs, spring retainers by compressing the valve spring retainer and exposing the valve keepers, then remove keepers, uncompress the tool and remove valve spring. It is that easy.
* Tool spring depth reach grips to retainer are adjustable to fit many large and small spring applications.
* Use on Overhead Cam engines (OHC), Over head valve Engines (OHV) and the Compound Valve Angle Hemispherical Combustion Chamber heads like Ford (CHV)
* Cam action level design for secure valve spring locking into the tool
* Not suitable for deep pocket (seated) valve spring engines.