PMD Products PROFESSIONAL Hand Held Vacuum and Pressure Pump Tester Kit + Brake Fluid Bleeder + Adapters

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Hand Held Vacuum and Pressure Pump Tester Kit + Brake Fluid Bleeder + Adapters w/case

Pro Quality Tool applies both Pressure and Vacuum
Pressure to 45 PSI (3.1 bar) Vacuum to 20 inHG
Slide black valve direction slider chamber forward toward connection barb for vacuum, slide back for pressure
Test automotive vacuum systems with numerous included adapters and hoses
Durable construction vacuum pump/brake bleeder in Form Fitted storage case
Pump Features:
1. Aluminum anodized cylinder and aluminum cylinder head.
2. The body is the switch to control two kinds of pressure conditions. Slide black valve direction forward for vacuum , back for pressure
3. Thick Steel Plier style handle (3/8" thick) w/soft but dense rubber grips
4. Replaceable cylinder head O-rings, rubber piston ring and valves.
5. The pressure gauge is enclosed in a rubber boot which provides protection to pump chamber.
6. Includes dual bleed cups
7. Detailed instruction manual.
8. Blow molded hard case package.
9. The standardized configuration contains a vacuum tube,a pressure gauge,a brake fluid reservoir and pipe joints.
10. To be widely used in auto repair,leak tests,experiments,vacuum packaging and so on.. 100% refund if not satisfied

* Hand held Vacuum and Pressure Pump
* 2 x 2ft lengths of tubing
* 13 Vacuum/Pressure tube adapters
*three 3" long tube sections to interface to bleeder cup
* two - 120mL or 4-1/2 fl oz. Brake fluid reservoir container
* Instructions
* Carry Case