PMD Products Brass Brake Fluid Bleeder Handy Hand Held Vacuum Vac Pump Tester Kit + adapters

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Brake Fluid Bleeder Hand Held Handy Vacuum Vac Pump Tester Kit w/ Adapters Case

Works on all vehicle makes and models

This Brass chambered vacuum tool is the heavier duty design, not the lightweight version sold by Harbor Freight. This tool solidly made.

100% refund if not satisfied

* Hand held Vacuum Pump
* 2 x 2ft lengths of tubing
* 8 Vacuum adapters
*two 3" long tube sections to interface to bleeder cup
* 120mL or 4-1/2 fl oz. Brake fluid reservoir container
* Instructions

Product Description

1. Brass cylinder and cylinder head.
2. Thick Brass cylinder chamber end, steel handle won't bend (like other manufacturers of this tool)
3. Replaceable O-ring cylinder head gasket, rubber piston ring and valves.
4. Precise pressure gauge: 0-28inHg, 0-750mmHg.
5. Negative pressure up to 635mmHg. \
6. Release valve.
7. Includes all needed adapters and container to easily bleed brakes by yourself.
8. Detailed English/German instruction manual.
9. Blow molded hard case.

10. Specs: 32cc chamber, 2cu in per stroke

11. Kit contains a vacuum tube, a vacuum meter, brass barb fitting, a brake fluid reservoir, reservoir lid, and adapters

Kit can be used for any application requiring vacuum source like leak tests, diaphragm testing, vacuum controlled switches, etc