DIGITAL Engine Cylinder Bore Dial Indicator Gauge Kit 1.4" to 6" in Case .0005"

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Reads in English and Metric

Lithium Battery Included

Range 1.400"- 6.000" diameter, .0005" graduations, 6" depth
For quick transferable accurate inside measurements
Insulated Grip - Carbide Anvils - Tool weight 6.1 lbs
Includes all the necessary spacers, interchangeable extensions and a formed plastic case.
Radius-ed hardened tips improved accuracy

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NOTE- The tool has 2 of the bore pins already installed in the holders, thus there will be 2 empty slots in the formed case.

Electronic Dial Bore Gauge Set has a measurement range of 1.4 to 6" and gradient spacing is 0.0005".

A minimum hold feature locks on the bore size as this direct-measuring gauge is rocked within the part to be measured.

A two-point contact system is used to detect geometry problems such as ovality and taper, and carbide-tipped contact points provide extended wear and improved abrasion resistance.

The gauge is self-centering and includes an extension holder.

Bore gauges measure holes, or bores.

They can measure the interior diameter of a hole at any depth, while internal micrometers can only measure to the depth of their teeth.

Bore gauges are typically calibrated with a setting ring.

* Professional Quality Kit